AKA: Matt, Matty, Fat Henschel, Fatty Matty, Fat-Ass Henschel, Natalia Henschel, Fatalia Henschel, Ass Henchroid, Matt Bastard, the Henchback of Matty's Ass, Marty.

Historical Note: In 1996 many of the MAD FIGS decided to take a break from the monotonous beat of distance running by taking UP a field event. Not only did they pick up on the new event, but they vaulted themselves to the top 4 positions [out of 4] on the BHS Track team. It is understood that pole vaulting was created for the MAD FIGS since the foundation of the world. Matt wasn't excluded from the enthuastic group of young men preparing for their first pole vaulting competition, but there was a nagging inconvience that was distracting their progress... the mats. Being that Bullard had never developed a strong pole vaulting program, much of the equipment available was outdated, temporary, or oddly shaped. Gaps in the mats would frequently open like the gaping jaws of a huge carnivore, and temporarily devour the vaulters.

Background (Name): Matt is given credit for being eaten the largest number of times and still surviving. For this reason it was concluded that Matt held special powers over the pole vault pit, and thus the nickname Mat.

Civilian Name: CLASSIFIED

Current Status: On Active Duty in Fresno, CA

Symbol: Pole Vault Pit

Weapons of Choice: Pole Vault Pole, Paintball Gun

Special MAD FIGS Stengths: He and the Incredible Guy are frequently confused for each other. The apparent similarities may, in the future, come in handy for strategems that include confusing the enemy with their similar identities.

Special Status: Honored Member of the Pole Vaulting Clan, Marching pupil of Incredible Guy.

Special Connections: Band, Fresno City College, K-Mart Supermarkets, Fresno State.

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