AKA: William Wallace, The Great vinnardo, Mr. Burns, The Joker

Background (Name): For Spanish literature buffs, Melquiades is a God of myth. But the MAD FIGS understand that the Spanish deity exists in the human form of The Great vinnardo.

Civilian Name: CLASSIFIED

Current Status: On Active Duty in Berkeley, CA

Symbols: The Melquiades Rattle, Happy Bear

Weapons of Choice: The Melquiades Rattle, Hockey stick and puck

Special MAD FIGS Strengths: Kenyan Running Strength, Verbal Strategems, Aqua Lung [Scuba Diving]

Special Status: Member of the Society of Painted Men, an Honored member of the Pole Vaulting Clan, Member of the Spinning Frisbee Brotherhood Legend, Member of the Icee Brotherhood, Member of the MAD FIGS Sanger Metric Classic Relay, The MAD FIGS Glee Club, Animal Lover - one word - Dead Crawfish, Transportation (for a long time he served as the only transportation to the MAD FIGS), One of the older and wiser members of the MAD FIGS.

MAD FIGS Point of Interest: The concepts of immortality, omniscience, and omnipresence that stem from vinnardo's "God-like" status aren't exculsively powers of this one member. It is generally assumed that all the MAD FIGS are immortal, omniscient, and omnipresent under most to all circumstances.

Special Connections: UC Santa Cruz, Kenyan Runners, Forensics, Blockbuster.

Unfortunate Weakness #1: Only fears one entity: The Painted Man. This enemy seems to be the only thing that has power over the Great vinnardo.

Unfortunate Weakness #2: Also a historical note: vinnardo, the mortal, ran into some serious trouble during his senior year of High School. A sudden and very serious illness left him without an infectous Gall Bladder and in a hospital bed for several days. The doctors were quite amazed and perplexed as to what was actually growing inside the bladder. Yet the MAD FIGS are very aware. This event is in fact the origin of what is known as the Fungal Jungle Black Fungus, which has now become one of the greater enemies of the MAD FIGS. vinnardo now claims that a second Gall Bladder is trying to grow back and that he knows no pain but the pain of this internal struggle with the enemy.

Unfortunate Weakness #3: Sprinkler boxes.

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