Incredible Guy


AKA: Gimp, Idiotic Gimp, Fun-Guy, Fungus Among Us, Eclipse, Fat Louie, Gilbert Sai from Merced, the Barechested Scotsman, the "Paul" Vault, the Ice Machine, Bearded Boy, the Hairy 'FIG, Mr. Castle.

Background (Name): When the Flash was recieving inspiration concerning the MAD FIGS acronym he ran into a temporary thinking block. The letters MAD FS had already formed themselves, but Paul wasn't yet included [and on top of that "MAD FS" doesn't make sense, anyways]. Paul really didn't have a nickname that had crystalized. As a somewhat cruel act, the Flash felt inspired to make the stretch and formally name him The Gimp [the Gimp had unique connotations at this time (see Neutral Figures of the MAD FIGS)]. Thus the group became MAD FGS.
Historical Note: MAD FGS was the original unanimously approved title [except Paul's approval]. He immediately voiced his dissonance and renamed himself the Incredible Guy [MAD FIGS]. For a short period of time he was taunted for making this change with the name the Incredible Gimp. What is funny about this story is that ever since he decided to alter his first name, he has without question formed and crystalized almost as many MAD FIGS nicknames as all the other MAD FIGS combined.

Civilian Name: Fugal

Current Status: On Active Duty in Sacramento, CA

Symbols: Pirate Stuff, the Hair, Shorts

Weapons of Choice: The Hair, The Sword [of Justice]

Special MAD FIGS Strengths: Sovereignty over the Fungal Kingdom, Direct Lineal descendant of William Wallace, 20/10 Eagle eyesight, Special Power over street lights, Camoflauge expertise, Paintball Extraordinaire, Marching Instructor, The longest arms in the world (Frisbee contentions), Military Intelligence (the Marines), Communication "Phone Man", twirling objects of random size and weight.

Special Contributions to the MAD FIGS: The Document, The 1492 chant.

Special Status: Member of the Society of Painted Men, an Honored member of the Pole Vaulting Clan, Member of the Spinning Frisbee Brotherhood Legend, A Barefoot Barnacle, Member of the MAD FIGS Sanger Metric Classic Relay, The MAD FIGS Glee Club, Blue-Haired Special, MAD FIGS home away from home [Steinke Household].

Special Connections: Canadians, Forensics, The Boy Scouts of America [Eagle], UCLA.

Unfortunate Weaknesses: High Velocity Maneuvering while Barefoot, Flocks of Women.

Favorite Quote: Ezekiel 25:17

Other: Has more fig trees around his house than any of the other MAD FIGS. This is a possible explanation for his tremendous accumulation of Super Powers.

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